Search engine optimization (SEO) has become essential for:

1) Getting noticed.

2) Constructing a good website.

3) Accomplishing your marketing goals.

The SEO Wizard¬†Wordpress Plugin allows you to perfect your website yourself. If the search engines can’t FIND you, then your customers can’t visit your website. Here is a review on the SEO Wizard WordPress Plugin.

WordPress Features

Since 2003, WordPress has been providing a free and open source blogging content management system (CMS) for individuals and businesses. Using the PHP and MySQL architecture, WordPress has enabled millions of people to create their own websites. This is the one of the most popular blogging systems around providing numerous templates to create the color scheme, font and layout for your website.

Web developers use cascading style sheets (CSS) to deliver the basic bricks for your website foundation. There are more than 30,000 WordPress plugins available to add all types of functionality to your website. The SEO WordPress Wizard Plugin is one of the more popular options.

What SEO Features Do You Want?

Google, Bing and other search engines will send a bot to crawl, view and try to understand the purpose of your website. Search engines will read the words, view the images and navigate your website layout in order to categorize (index) it. It is important for your website to be properly categorized to attract the right type of visitor.

When someone types keywords into a search box, the keywords are used to find relevant content. Complex algorithms will decipher and decode the Internet jumble, noise and cacophony to find websites that might have content that would interest the visitor. The most relevant websites are listed at the top of a page of results (called a “Page Rank” in the Google system.)

Google WebMaster Tools explain the best ways to make your website appealing to the bots. There are specific things that are “red flags” for search engines leading to you not being ranked or being ranked low. There are many websites that are simply “Spam” filled with irrelevant keywords devoid of any meaning. SEO ensures that your site is well-structured to attract the right customer.

Doesn’t WordPress Optimize Websites Automatically

WordPress was set up to facilitate the usage of its system by a broad spectrum. All websites will receive the SEO basics to make them run quickly and smoothly for WordPress. But not all WordPress templates are truly SEO-friendly.

SEO-Friendly or Customer-Friendly

The debate over the primary functionality of your website continues as people try to balance SEO and customer navigation. What may be ideal for Google is not necessarily ideal for selling your products or services. WordPress understands this and only provides a simplistic SEO template.

When you decide the proper mix for SEO, you can use the SEO WordPress Wizard Plug-In to customize your website. The search engines have frequent updates to their Webmaster user guides as technology changes. WordPress is unlikely to keep up with the most up-to-date SEO features – that is why the plugin can help. You can pick-and-choose which suggestions to incorporate into your website.

WordPress Plugin Features

Most plug-ins were created by professional Web developers who write source code to deliver extra functionality. Plugins are to raw source code what manufactured clothes are to handmade clothes. They enable anyone to upgrade the tools available for managing their websites. Website owners can choose from free or paid plug-ins.

The most basic SEO Wizard WordPress Plugin acts like a spell checker to double-check your pages for typos, errors and mistakes. Others will check your tags, CSS and images to make them search engine optimized. All search engines prefer a meta keyword, tag and description to give the public an idea of your overall focus.

Adding links, uploading videos and enhancing commenting can increase your ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). WordPress was created in 2003, so it does not have the latest social media features. Some of the most popular social media sites were not even around in 2003. The SEO Wizard WordPress Plugin allows you to add “Rich Snippet” or “Author Credit Link” features to improve your network.

Maybe, you want your keywords to stand out more? Search engines could find them faster if you use the “Bold, Italicize or Underline Your Keyword” option for the SEO Wizard WordPress plugin. This will mirror the “blue clickable link” feature and standardize your keywords on every page. The Wizard Plugin saves you valuable time.

Finally, the SEO Wizard WordPress Plugin enables you to collect metrics for keyword density with its “Page Analysis” feature. You really don’t want to manually count the percentage of keywords in your online articles, do you? Allow the plugin to do this menial task.

As you work with these SEO wizards, you will learn the fundamental rules to create better content. Running a website can be very time-consuming. A good WordPress SEO Wizard can automate many processes. It also allows you to better understand your website to improve it.

How to Download SEO WordPress Plugins

If you want to download the SEO Wizard WordPress Plugin, it is very easy to do. You will want to search for the “Administration Panel” option for “Plug-Ins.” When you find the “Add New” panel option, follow the instructions to download this great plugin.

When you add anything to your website, you must realize that the added functionality may lead to slower processing speeds. So weigh your options carefully.

SEO Wizard WordPress Plugin Automates Necessary Process

The SEO Wizard WordPress Plugin gives you another dimension of functionality to manage your website. The online world is a competitive arena full of reams of data that can be quite confusing if not organized properly. By following the guidelines of the search engines, you can create the most attractive, user-friendly website and better serve your customer base. This SEO Wizard WordPress Plugin is a nice feature to have.