In recent years, voice command programs have been released mainly on SmartPhones which has changed that way that mobile websites have marketed themselves through search engine optimization. There are a few drastic changes that are right around the corner that could play a big role in changing search engine optimization techniques for all websites, no longer mainly focusing on the mobile aspect of the web.


The most talked about feature that is being introduced with Windows 9 is Cortana. Cortana is suppose to be an improved voice command program that is designed to allow users to navigate their computers using only their voice. This includes searching for stuff through search engines such as Google. If the new operating system hits off like Windows 7 did, we are going to see a huge increase in the amount of users that are using voice controls for search engines. However, if Windows 9 does sink like Windows 8 did, it may not be as big of a drastic change.

Voice Searching

Why is voice searching such a big deal for search engine optimization? It all comes down to keywords that are used by websites to bring traffic in from search engines. As more people use voice commands, the keywords that are used are going to change as a result.

One big change is the fact that people are going to start using more words in their searches. Instead of typing “bagel shops NY” people may instead say “locate bagel shops near New York City.” It is much easier to speak a phrase than to type it, and people often use more words when speaking than talking. Keyword phrases are going to become more popular instead of singular one word keywords.

It may even change the exact phrasing that people will use for searching up certain websites. Just like Siri, Cortana is going to have certain key phrases and words it picks up on to know which commands to execute. This is going to change the vocabulary people may use when using search engines, such as using the word “find” instead of “location” for searching up specific places.

Smaller Devices Sales

There is another big component that is a changing factor in search engine optimization that is currently affecting the market. In recent years, smaller devices such as tablets and SmartPhones have gradually increased in sales while computers have slowly dwindled. People are constantly buying these new devices, and with these devices comes more voice control usage. Siri is the most popular mobile voice control program, but it’s only the beginning to a trend that is starting to build up. By 2015, Android OS devices are going to be three times as popular as Windows.


Websites are going to have to start developing longer keyword phrases for their websites, and possibly even changing up the vocabulary to accommodate voice controls. Voice controls are much faster than typing and are become increasingly effective, which is slowly leading to a consumer trend that focuses the market on these types of devices.