When a lot of persons think of SEO, they tend to think that it is the same marketing strategy that has been around for years. However, as search engines change, the kind of strategy used to keep a head of them changes. The best way for a company to stay ahead in the SEO game is to stay current on the latest news about organic visitors, social media, the use of landing pages, and using content in a variety of formats.

Organic referrals

One of the biggest changes to SEO is that having real viewers coming to a site is quickly becoming one of the most important things that can happen to a site. Some excellent ways to do this is to have a site that always has new content on it, and so persons will come back to check in on it on a regular basis. New visitors can be generated by offering things like coupons and special deals in order to have clients go back to the site multiple times. A lot of websites are able to generate new traffic by simply telling persons of the existence of the site with things like web referrals, and even small things like fridge magnets.

It is also possible to get organic referrals by having a social media presence. The first part of this involves simply claiming things like twitter and facebook names. A company can then be active on it in order to get likes, friends, and regular content.

Place holders

An excellent thing to do is to purchase sites that are related to what a person will search for when looking for things related to the company. This can include things like the different kinds of spelling for the site’s main name, and also things that describe what the company does. Persons who visit these pages can be automatically rerouted to the main site, or persons can click on a link that will take them to the page. Having several different landing pages will help to increase the chances of someone finding the site, and each time that a person is redirected back to the site will increase the rankings of both the landing and main site.

Non-text content

Increasingly, marketing companies are starting to post content other than just text in order to drive traffic to the site. This can include videos that introduce visitors to the site, and content that shows persons how to go about the process of doing something related to the site. Having this kind of content will increase the amount of time persons stay on the site, and it will very likely increase the number of times that a person clicks around the one the site. These two actions will greatly increase how a search engine ranks the value of a visitor, and it will also encourage persons to come back to the site. This can even allow for a search engine to recognize that persons are authentically going to the site, and will then rank the site in order to reflect that.