Social media marketing and SEO are two completely different sides of the same coin. They have the exact same endgame. They want you to bring traffic to their website so that they can sell you their products or services. In some cases, they just want you on the site to make money for monetizing. But, how do they differ?

Social media marketing works through social media networks to gain followers through a series of posts that could focus on anything. While social media allows you to interact with followers easily, it also allows you to express your personality in a way that you cannot in SEO writing. People who follow your business will learn who you are and get to see things you are interested in besides your business.

In fact, many times you gain more followers through social media marketing by simply reposting the content of others, they follow you in return, and then they are drawn to your business.

SEO works in a different way. SEO is what it has always been. You are optimizing the hits you get on search engines when people put in certain keywords. This means that your writing has to be keyword-rich, easy to read, and relevant at all times. When you stray for even a moment, people tend to lose interest because there aren’t a myriad of posts and images to look at.

Ultimately, SEO brings people directly to your site because they find the content from your website in a search engine and click directly to it. Social media marketing brings people close to your website, brings them in contact with you, and then they must take the next step and patronize your site.

When choosing between the two as a focus for your website, it is best to remember that you don’t really need to choose one or the other. Linking to SEO style posts on your social media accounts will help to meld the two together. You can enjoy social media and still write SEO content for your site. They’re different, but they are not mutually-exclusive. You just have to choose how to use them.