There are so many controversies that surround SEO, and since the market is constantly changing, it is difficult to follow. So many terms are being thrown around, like performance based SEO. However, Search Engine Journal recently did a study regarding SEO and whether or not is it risk free. Most things in life have some element of risk, but what is the real risk involved with SEO.

According to the article, performance based SEO is geared at those who want to optimize their financial revenues. These people are focusing more on the business aspect of SEO and don’t consider their clients. They’re not creating an environment that is geared toward enhancing the customer’s experience, but rather how much money they can make. These same companies oftentimes are the ones that are using old SEO practices, which are not being recognized by current search algorithms. There are always a few bad apples that try to ruin the bunch.

So why do so many of these agencies promote performance base SEO when it isn’t really the best option? The answer is easy, by choosing a performance based SEO program, it is easier to sell. Some feel that this is the safer option, as it promises to gain search placement elevation and probable revenue increase. An SEO company capitalizes on the feeling that this type of SEO strategy is “risk free.” They want to keep their bookkeepers busy and this may or may not work.

The real answer is that SEO is not risk free. There are so many companies out there that want to lure in new clients claiming to be an expert in SEO. However, many of these so called companies are spam driven. They will do or say anything that will allow them to get a company to sign their name on the dotted line. However, once committed the company finds that their promises are rarely kept. Those that use a competent firm that uses ethical practices may find that their profits increase, as they are using tried and true methods. The biggest thing about SEO is that it is constantly changing.

The old methods of doing SEO are tired and out of fashion. Articles that were driven to repeat the same word over and over to gain attention of the search engine is outdated. Now the current algorithm is all about content marketing. Any SEO firm that doesn’t talk about current practices are not being honest or ethical. Keyword stuffing is fruitless these days. This can actually be counterproductive and lower the search engines rankings, and it won’t bring in any business.

The article also warns of the hidden costs of SEO. Some companies will charge a set-up fee and a maintenance fee, a company signing has to pay these fees whether they get results or not. These companies that are using content spinning, keyword stuffing and comment spamming should be avoided. Not only does this type of SEO violate Google’s policies and guidelines, but they can cause chaos that results in less attention and more trouble than one could imagine.