A new popular watch that was created by a very popular company can change everything as we knew it when it comes SEO. However, these changes will not take place until sometime in 2015. Not only will you be able to upgrade your phone, but you will be able to wear around a very creative watch. With all these changes that are going to take place in the next year, it could mean big changes in the SEO world as well.

The Smart watch is the most popular thing from the past fast forwarding to the future and to Generation 2000. It is not something that you just have to carry it around. You can actually wear it. One of the most popular features there is for the new SEO is the new mapping features it will have.

These maps will no longer speak the directions to you. This new technology called haptic feedback. This type of feedback will provide eye and hand free feedback. It will also have directional buzzes. Today’s smart phones with navigator do not have this type of technology. They can be an accident waiting to happen. Many times you might not be able to hear what the current smart phones navigators have to say. They like to take you the long way around to get to the places you want to go.

With all these changes there will also have to be changes with Seri and Bing. Typically when you tell Seri to find a hot dog restaurant it will search all of Bing for it and not just your current location. No one wants to know about a hot dog stand location in New York, if you are looking for one in Texas. That can be very frustrating for people.

With Google, it can detect your current location. Therefore it is not going to give you hot dog stands in New York if you live in Texas. Google is smarter than that. They are going to give you the hot dog stand that is closet to where you are at. That just makes so many things so much easier.

With the watch coming into town, there will be more coupons, discounts and QR codes. That means that customers can enjoy promotions and cheaper prices on watches and other devices. That makes a customer happy because they do not have to worry about paying full price on something. Maybe they do not have enough money to pay for something at full price, but they cam pay for it at the promotional price. That is a win/win situation for both parties. The company gets the sale and the customer gets the product they want. There is no losing in that.

There will be a lot of changes in the world of SEO coming soon. However, the intention is for it to be better for everyone. It is not meant for confusion or anything else like that. It is meant to make life better. Embrace the new changes with SEO. You will not regret it at any level.