Link-building has long been an important part of the optimization process. Unfortunately, these efforts can be time-consuming, especially when they are performed correctly. More site owners have been seeking shortcuts to assist in this process, some of which are capable of establishing links in massive numbers, in just a matter of hours or days. As a result, these individuals have been receiving painful penalties from search engines and many have even lost their first page rankings. Google and other major search engines do not view directory listings or other half-hearted link-building efforts as being part of a valuable and organic link profile.

Organic Link Building Made Easy With

With natural monthly link-building services such as those that are provided by, companies can have wholly organic and impressive link profiles established for them. This eliminates much of the business to business networking that must be done in order to establish organic links. When a reputable SEO service is working on your behalf, you can spend more of you time focusing on your customers and providing optimal service. Links are built at a rate that won’t send up red flags with major search engines and they are also placed on sites with sufficient goodwill for enhancing your own commercial reputation.

Why Old Link-Building Strategies Just Aren’t Working Anymore

In its ongoing efforts to ensure that web users are getting good value from search engine listings, Google has not only updated its algorithm via Panda and Penguin updates, but it has recently rewritten its algorithm entirely. This has made it absolutely necessary for site owners to rethink their approaches to every aspect of the optimization process. Google Hummingbird, the first entire algorithm rewrite since 2001, is impacting more than 90% of Google searches. This has led many companies to seek professional optimization services in order to stay current with the resulting changes. Ultimately, if links are not providing web users on all device types with undeniable value, they are not working for the companies that have posted them. SEO professionals do not use costly directory services to provide weak, inefficient results. Instead, works to ensure that companies are getting strong links that are guaranteed to be appreciated by both web users and search engines alike.