The Apple Watch has the potential to be a big game changer for the purpose of local SEO. A local business will need to research how the Apple Watch can be used to keep one step ahead of the competition. There is a mapping feature that will be a major aspect of local SEO.

The navigation system in the Apple Watch will provide users directions which are eye-free, hands-free, and audible with directional buzzes. This is known as a system of haptic feedback. Another benefit of this watch is the default navigation system will be Apple Maps. Extra steps may need to be taken by an assortment of local search marketers to make sure their brand is included on Apple Maps. One aspect a business owner and marketer needs to realize is Apple maps does not have a system in place to allow a business to identify themselves. However, there are basic fundamental local SEO strategies that offer necessary results. This will include optimizing listing on Yelp and other local directories. A business might also continue to make sure of social media and other third-party sites to improve Apple Map listings.

Obtaining local search information today will require the use of search engines. Google is the best as it provides a better selection of local results. However, the Apple Watch may mark a trend where a user is performing searches on the go. This means the use of verbal commands could be more common. Siri is likely to be the catalyst which accelerates this trend. One reason is the location on the user’s wrist and the size of the screen will make inputting data with your fingers more difficult. Another aspect about using Siri is the search information is provided by Microsoft’s Bing. This means local SEO strategies used by search marketers need to direct their focus to Bing Local results and not just results on Google.

Local searches continue to be impressive using Google. The search engine is able to determine where a user is located and display results near their location. This includes retail stores and restaurants. One of the speculative aspects of the Apple Watch is possibly using GPS location data in the future and not the user’s IP address. The outcome is local search marketers will need to optimize of a specific target audience and not simply a city of regional area.

The use of QR codes and mobile coupons continue to be popular for smartphones. Consumers are able to use their smartphone to obtain more information or other benefit, such as a discount. This will be an ongoing trend that will continue to evolve once the Apple Watch is available. One aspect which will be expected from users is getting faster results. The goal of a local search marketers is to find ways to cater to users faster or better than the competition.

One thing will continue to remain the same for local search and that is basic fundamentals. Information will need to be accurate in local directories and users need to be provided an excellent experience when using their mobile device.