Today the internet is filled with companies that are looking to ship their products across the globe or offer their services to anyone with an internet connection. Globalization has become a major source of growth for internet commerce and for many great reasons. Globalization offers almost limitless potential for income growth. However this move towards globalization has caused many small business owners to stop paying attention to their local economy, which is still a fantastic place to sell goods and services.

Not enough attention today is being paid to optimizing your business to gain local interest because people are too focused on the global market. The local market has a great potential to it. Small businesses should be moving towards local search engine optimization in order to ensure that they get their fair share of local consumers.

Most search engines give special treatment to business that have been locally optimized. Google and other companies have recently added local search features, which allow for consumer to search for the business they want within a certain radius of them. Shipping is expensive and consumers are looking to avoid these costs if at all possible. The fact that consumers want to get things now and don’t want to pay shipping costs as lead to search engines tweaking their formula to favor local businesses.

This trend is holding true no matter where your business is. Many growing companies in Asia are using local search targeting so this is not an exclusively western trend. Local optimization is the latest trend in search engine optimization.
If your business has been spending large amounts of man hours on optimizing content to be more visible on search engines, then it may be more efficient for your business to start optimize your content to be readable and accessible to locals. Writing articles that will be interesting to people in the local area or highlighting other local businesses and events may help to increase local interest. To go along with this there is now a decrease in focus on keyword occurrence, instead it is important for people to be able to read your articles and that they be factual.

The increase in the use of mobile devices has really caused local optimization to shine. Almost everyone carries around a smart device of some kind around now. These devices come with GPS trackers so doing a local search is as simple as punching in the item you are looking for. The search engines are able to quickly find the business that offers that product that is located closest to the person at that moment. Because of this increase in smart devices using local optimization will not just help you pull in locals but people passing through the area as well.

The latest trend in search engine optimization is local optimization. Not only does it help your business pull in more local business, but with the large increase in the use of smart devices it will help your business pick up people that are passing through. Start using local optimization today.