SEO experts are scrambling to get their HTTP websites turned into HTTPS websites. HTTPS means that a website an SEO expert owns will be more secure and properly managed. There have been reports that if your website is HTTPS, you will gain a bonus when it comes to SEO website rankings. While that idea is very tempting to achieve, SEO experts are hesitant because of Google’s statement that came along with the good news which mentioned that not all HTTP websites need to upgrade into an HTTPS website.

HTTPS a Better Solution According to Google

Matt Cutts is the master of search and he is quite familiar with Google. The master of search announced a statement at the Search Marketing Expo on March 2014 stating that it will be great if SSL will become an important piece for search algorithms. Matt hinted this because he wants most websites on the Internet to be more secure. On August 6, he released another statement saying that he wanted more SEO masters to upgrade to HTTPS for better security and an improved algorithm.

Check If Your Website Is Worthy

The HTTPS factor is only a small boost according to Google. The meaning of this statement is that the HTTPS upgrade only contributes to a small portion of SEO rankings. As an SEO expert, you do not have to redo everything on your website if the change will only make your website’s SEO ranking rise a little. The upgrade will not be worth it unless that small change in SEO ranking will trigger a slow rise in rankings in the near future. If your website cannot benefit from such a small increase, you should not upgrade. After all, HTTPS does not mean it is really all about the increase of SEO rankings. The real target of HTTPS is security for your website connection to the browser.

What Google Suggests

Google says that upgrading to HTTPS is absolutely a good option for an SEO expert but not an immediate one to do. While the change will definitely give your website a small boost, Google suggests that you should take it slow when upgrading. It is advisable that you take your time and prioritize other aspects of the website for increasing SEO rankings.

On the other hand, do not forget about upgrading your website to HTTPS in the future. Google wants people to use HTTPS because it makes many net surfers on the Internet feel more confident when browsing websites. A plan for upgrading your HTTP website to HTTPS in the future will definitely provide you several benefits.

For Ecommerce Websites

Google also suggests that if you own an eCommerce website, then your priority should be the security of customer transactions and the protection of personal data for online shoppers. Security is major concern for most online shoppers since security breaches continue to be on the rise. Online shoppers want to purchase, sell, and trade items on the Internet with peace of mind. As a result, security is a must for any eCommerce site.

The HTTPS boost challenge is worth it but for a different reason. The upgrade might gain favor with Google’s search engine algorithm but the purpose for it is security. As an SEO expert, you must check your website to see if it is worthy of the update or not.