Optimizing a business site seems to get easier every time Google updates its algorithm.The Google Pigeon update has made it easier for socially-active businesses to rank on its search engine. The newest update allows a business to take advantage of its social contacts; the more a business is listed as taking part in mixers, wins awards for just about anything, or even attracts good reviews, the more Google takes note and the site becomes more relevant to the search engine. This is usually nothing but good for the site, and even better for its customer base.

Building up relevancy is a major problem for businesses, but is something that a good business strives for. To a search engine, “relevancy” is simply a measure of how many hits the site gets and from which sources. The more hits that a site gets and from as many different sources as possible will give a site a high relevancy score while a site that gets few hits from a limited number of sources, or even mostly reciprocal links, will have a low relevancy score. The upshot of this is that the higher the relevancy score, the better that the site does in the rankings. This makes relevancy something that every site should seek to increase as much as possible.

The Pigeon update makes it easier for a socially active business to become more relevant, even if it puts on the party itself. Google pays attention to local business directories; the more often you show up in those local directories. Those directories are not just for listing the business, but any interesting activities going on in the local area. Not only does the directory list the event and who is putting it on, but it can also list anyone going to it as well. This makes it a great way to build relevancy, especially when it comes to the local area.

The more social a business is the more relevant it is seen to the search engine. This is mostly because each event creates its own listing in a directory, and the search engine counts each instance separately. This happens only if the event is listed in a directory of some sort, such as the local chamber of commerce or a local event directory. If the even can garner additional publicity, such as through a news article or television coverage, so much the better. The idea is to get mentioned as often as possible so as to maximize recognition by the search engine; the more your name gets out there the more relevant your site is, and therefore the better it will place in the rankings. As usual, it comes down to the more thorough your advertising is, the more likely you will get attention.

This means that the more social a business is,, the more exposure it gets, and therefore the better it does in the search engine rankings. This means more than just being at the party or even holding one of your own; toy donations, scholarships, and even helping the local charities can be a great way of improving your web presence. Interestingly, this means that application of old school logic, in that the more people see you the more they know you exist; any exposure you get counts as advertising, and the more you advertise the more business you get. Socialize and you monetize.