Over the past few years, dozens of new wearable devices have been released but nothing has really caught on. Everyone has heard about Google Glass, but due to the high price it didn’t really become a popular seller and had mediocre sales at best. While this may be the biggest and most popular example, there are many other forms of wearable technology that has been released but none of them quite compare to what’s next — Apple SmartWatch.

What is Apple SmartWatch?

If you haven’t heard about it by now, Apple is releasing a form of a new SmartWatch. While other companies have released SmartWatches in the past, none of them are quite as successful as Apple and already this new device is getting a lot of hype. While it may be a watch, it is going to have many features that are available on SmartPhones already. By this, the user is going to be able to browse the web and use apps. How does this come into play for search engine optimization?

Apple SmartWatch SEO

The Apple SmartWatch is going to be another major device out there that will be using voice command controls. This changes up the search terms that are used by users of the device, as they are now going to be using their voice to search for things through search engines rather than typing.

With typing, people tend to cut out connecting words such as “the.” They shorten sentences, and can sometimes even have typos that some sites take advantage of. When using their voice, people will often use full sentences and more words in their searches. This means that full phrases instead of phrases that just use key words are going to become more effective for these types of devices.

The biggest component of the new SmartWatch that is going to make Siri so big is the fact that it’s going to be too small to type on. With other Smart devices, users had the ability to type even though voice controls were an option, and many users did take this route because it is what they were accustomed to doing. Being unable to type is going to force them to use voice controls, and it may even push the curve of voice controls because people will become adapted to it.

Changing Your Keywords

If you want to follow this trend, you need to change up your keywords. This is especially vital for mobile websites that get a majority of their traffic from mobile users. Longer keyword phrases are going to be more effective as users will change the way that they search for information.


Of course, this all depends on how many users decide to purchase the new Apple SmartWatch. If it’s a hit, we’re going to see a big change in the market. On the flip side, if it’s not very successful then voice controls most likely won’t make nearly as big of a jump. It’s best to wait it out and see how successful it is before doing anything drastic to your search engine optimization platform.